Restaurant::: Kunitoraya 2 in Paris

When I was growing up my father use to always tell me, always judge a restaurant on how many people are inside, and outside. Recently, NY Times had a beautiful photo of Kunitoraya 2 ‘s new spot in Paris and  I fell in love with the design and concept.   Expect to wait 25 minutes!

CONCEPT: This jewel in Paris is the rave serving Japanese comfort food in a beautiful modern French bistro setting.  The open kitchen overlooks the restaurant and acts as a anchor for this small dining room.


  1. It is imperative to use chopsticks.
  2. It is imperative to eat udon in the sip sip or eating.
  3. A hot meal should be eaten while it is hot.
  4. The Udon lives! (More time passes, the more it swells and loses its élasticté)
    eg as woman, must be consumed in Udon her youthful beauty …!

STYLE:  Casual with foodies, neighborhood locals, style hounds, and suits.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE:  Owned and operated by Japanese serving authentic home made udon noodles, donburi, tempura,  special broth, and vegetarian options.  According to the NY Times, what to order, Kunitora udon, tempura prawn udon and tamagoyaki (an omelette).


“Udon noodle is the traditional Japanese caliber, made from flour, water and salt. More prevalent in the south-western Japan, Udon is usually served hot in a soup broth-based vegetable, pork, poultry or fish. There are also dishes Udons cold as-Zaru Udon, served on a bamboo mat that is dipped in a soy sauce.

In Kunitoraya, we recommend that you begin in the consumption of Udon (and thereafter quickly become addicted), Tempura Udon, with fried shrimp in hot soup or Kitsune-Udon (for those who don ‘ not like shrimp) with fried bean curd, ginger, sesame and chives. Then, you lovers Udon, we recommend the course Kunitora-Udon with its minced pork, radish and its salsify, all in a hot soup base Miso. The restaurant owner, M.Nomoto prepares himself dough Udon hand, tells us “The Curry-Udon is especially appreciated in the winter when it is cold, but the Udon eaten in all seasons and Moreover, we never change the menu card is suitable for all seasons. “”- Kunitoraya 2

LOCATION: 5, rue Villedo 75001 Paris (coming soon 1, Rue de Villedo, 75001)

PHOTO SOURCE: (1) NYTimes Style Magazine/ Ashley Ludaescher,)2) and (2) and  (3) La Bouche Pleine

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